Advantages of Wireless Cell Phones

The advantages of wireless cell phones are numerous and varied. Our entire society has changed as a result of the cell phone. We no longer operate, communicate or even think in the same way that we did before cellular. These hand held phones are small, light and easy to carry around.


Cell phones have a wide variety of functions, such as sending and receiving calls, taking messages, playing games, receiving and storing information…stock quotes, news, entertainment, etc. You can set reminders, keep track of your appointments and make lists. On the high end, high tech cell phones you can interact with your home computer, surf the internet, download music and take photographs!

The convenience of carrying a mobile phone is beyond anything one could have anticipated twenty years ago. They are a fast and effective way to transfer information. Mothers can easily contact and keep track of their kids. Businesses suddenly have information literally at their fingertips! It makes the world seem much smaller. This new resource has really added luxury to our lives.

Actually, rather than a luxury, cell phones have become essential to our way of life. You can stay connected all the time, using one small device, in a not very costly, but amazingly efficient way. With all the new features available, you can literally run your business and your social life from your pocket.

No longer do you have to carry all kinds of gadgets around with you…you can get everything packed into one small hand held unit. It would be impossible to not be able to find one that exactly suited your needs. You can go high tech or get a simple handset.

Features Galore

Fashionable to look at, you can have a high resolution camera, MP3 player, GPS, text messaging, and internet connection all in the same unit. You can now check your email, call your friends, conduct business, take photos, and play games anywhere you are and at any time you want to. To stay on top of things, just keep an eye on the online mobile market and you will always know when the latest innovations have come out. Believe me, this happens frequently!

For those of you who are not into all that high tech stuff, and who don’t want to be locked into a long term contract, there is the prepaid cell phone. With these, you purchase an inexpensive phone and pay for your minutes in advance. You can buy them when you run out and spend as much or as little as you can afford.

In these troubled economic times, there is another advantage to using a prepaid cell phone. When you buy one, no credit check is required, since you are always paying in advance of your usage. This also works well for teenagers and others who have never established a credit history.

Everyone really should carry a cell phone. The advantage here, very simply is safety. Anyone who drives long distances, especially at night, should have a cell phone at hand, in case of a flat tire, running out of gas, or even getting lost. A phone call from inside a locked car is certainly safer than hiking down a highway in the dark and alone.

Some service providers are actually donating or loaning cell phones to neighborhood crime watch groups, because studies have shown that robberies have decreased substantially in neighborhoods where they used them.

Cell Phone Users

Not all cell phone users know that most newer higher end mobile phones come equipped with GPS tracking. This not only provides you with maps, directions, and locators, but also can guide emergency call centers to you in cases of emergency. Unless you are calling 911 from your home land line, that information is not available without your telling them…not always possible in emergencies. When you have that car accident in the middle of nowhere, you are sometimes lucky to even know what road you are on and what direction you were going in. And if you were knocked unconscious…

The advantage of a cell phone over, say a walkie-talkie, is that both people can talk at the same time on the same frequency. You don’t have to hold down a button to talk and release it to listen.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to camera phones. A quick thinking person can record a crime in progress with the press of a button. Random acts of theft and violence will probably decrease as the perpetrators get caught and are identified by shots taken on cell phone cameras. Many criminals are now being brought to justice because some quick thinking teenager saw someone suspicious and took a photo.

Smart phones are rather costly at this time, which means that in depressed areas, fewer of them are being sold. But as they flood the market, and newer and even more remarkable features are produced, it will become easier for all of us to have one.

There are those who feel that these camera phones are an invasion of privacy. There are users who have taken photos and posted them online, used them for blackmail or even pornography. We can only hope that they will be caught in action and be punished. There are simply too many advantages to cell phones, to let the avarice of some ruin it for the rest of us.