The use of cellular phones has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. Mobile phones have become a fashion accessory that reflects the individuality of the person. One of the most individualistic choices a person can make for their cell phone is the ringtones. A ringtone is a piece of music or sound that you can program into your cell phone as the sound of the ringer. The fact is that you can customise phone ringtones to suit your own personal tastes. This feature makes the demands for fun and unique ringtones for cell phones reach an all time high. Today, cell phones can be modified to play and also create any sound that you want to indicate an incoming call or to indicate an incoming message. Various tunes can also be assigned to signal different callers. You can then tell who is calling by the tune that is ringing on your phone.

Jamster Commercial Circa 2004 – Rats

The first ringtones were developed by a company called Harmonium in1998. Harmonium developed monophonic ringtones that were sent to the cell phone for use over the air. Harmonium's services were extremely popular, and soon expanded to excellent sounding music and libraries of commercial ringtones.

Different ring tones were originally developed so that the personalized ringtones could help the user to identify his or her phone in a crowd. Newer phones can now ascribe a particular ringtone to each phone number in a person's contact list. The latest phones use short pieces of music as ringtones. The sale of these musical ringtones has become a major moneymaker for the mobile cell phone industry. Early ringtones were developed from video game sounds. Now nearly any sound or piece of music can be used as a ringtone.

There are normally three types of ringtones. These types of ringtones are monophonic, polyphonic, and truetone ringtones. Earlier cell phones had the capacity to play only monophonic ringtones. Monophonic ringtones were comprised of short tunes of single notes or tones. The tune of the ringtone was made up of a series of sequential beeps at different frequencies. The good news for those who have these kinds of phones is that these phones can now have more advanced ringtones programmed into them with the help of an internal ringtone composer. Phones that play polyphonic ringtones have the ability to play 16 different notes at the same time. Polyphonic ringtones are versatile and can use instrument sounds such as guitar, drums, electronic piano and many other types of instruments. The ability to program so many sounds into a ringtone makes for musical ring tones that sound much richer. The new, high quality ringtone tunes sound more realistic to the listener.

Truetone ringtones are the newest, most advanced type of ringtone. A new generation of ringtones often called either music ringtones or voice tones now uses actual pieces of music. A person usually has a few standard tunes pre-loaded into their cell phone. The good thing is that now you can download great kinds of music ringtones form the Internet to one's cell phone. Almost any style or genre of music is available to be used as a cell phone ringtone. The latest hip-hop tune is ready to be downloaded, as is the top country tune of the week. Not only do you have a choice of great music, but there are some awesome voices to choose from for your cell phone as well. Famous voices from TV and movies are available to purchase to answer your phone.

Generally there are some free sites that offer you free ringtones. Does this sound too good to be true? This is because these free ringtones are usually not free. You receive a certain number of ringtones free. You are also signed up to a subscription of some sort at a specific charge per month. Beware! Some of these sites have malware embedded into their systems. Malware is any type of infiltrating worm, virus or spyware that is added to your equipment without your permission. The moral of this story is to use a brand name cell phone carrier to purchase your ringtones.

Other sites such as Jamster and Blinko charge anywhere from 50 cents to 2 dollars for each ringtone download. Another way to add great music to your cell phone ring tones is to compose your own ringtone. Programming your own ringtones on your cell phone is easy. You program your own composition into your phone by pressing a series of buttons on the phone. You can load software into your computer that permits you to compose ringtones.

Ringtones are not the only fun features you can program into your cell phone. You can choose many different types of wallpaper pictures to buy for your cell phone as well. Wallpaper is a selection of pictures that you can put on the first screen of you cell phone. Any type of wallpaper is available, from CD covers and designs to cute animal pictures.

Another great feature is that you can buy is games to put on your cell phone. Video games are great fun, and now you can take them with you on your cell phone. There are many types of games, from sports to spy games.

Ringtones can be a great way of imparting a more personal touch to the otherwise ordinary cell phone. They are easy on the pocket and easily accessible so go ahead and give it a try. Make your cell phone an extension of your character. Make your cell phone as classy or funny as you'd like. There is very little limit to the great features you can program into your cell phone.