Cell Phone Plans

Shopping for the right cell phone plan can be a big job. Beware! Don't get fooled by mere appearances or surface information on a website page. If a cell phone plan appears too good to be true, then it probably is. Hence it is very important for you the consumer to be very vigilant while shopping for cell phone plans. You must compare all the prices and carefully read the fine print. Above all, you should consider all the relevant facts.

Many people focus on the price of the cell phone plans. They then choose the lowest price plan. This method of choice could work for you. A better alternative would be researching the features available for each plan. If you spend a little more and get the features you really want, you will be much happier with your cell phone and cell phone service.

When you are shopping for the cell plans three most important things you need to consider are carrier coverage, equipment, and of course, cell phone plan. You can shop individual websites for the best carrier coverage, equipment and cell phone plans. There are also a few websites that have comparison tools to help you make your decision more quickly. This website feature simplifies the search by putting most of the information you need in one place for easy comparison. Or you can shop by the features that are most important to you.

So let us first consider carrier coverage. Check if the carrier covers your area and once you confirm it, you can base all your later decisions on that one fact. One more thing that you need to remember about coverage is that at times it can be subjective. First of all make the list of all places you are likely to move around - your home, office, your kid's school, the playground, favourite vacation spots, etc. If you are travelling a lot and frequently travel to some special places you should find out if your carrier provides coverage for those areas as well.

For all intents and purposes, carrier coverage is the most important factor amongst three. That is why carrier coverage is mentioned first in this article. Imagine purchasing the latest and expensive cell phone available in the market and the best available cell phone plan but then later you find out that your carrier does not provide coverage in your area. There is really no reason to have this problem if you do your research, however. Any worthwhile cell phone company will have a map to show the types of coverage available for their service. Be aware that different services from the same carrier will have different coverage available. For instance, Broadband or wireless Internet services my not be available for your area, while other cell phone services may be available. Or an area you visit regularly not have cell phone service at all. If you don't really need Broadband or wireless Internet service, you might have better general phone coverage. But if you need Broadband or wireless Internet coverage, you'd probably better check to make sure it is available where you need it. The cell phone company should have this information readily available for you on their website. Researching carrier availability is time consuming, but the most important aspect of choosing a cell phone company.

Once you have chosen the carrier coverage that is just right for you, you have two more aspects of cell phone features to consider before you find the perfect plan for you. What do you think is more important factor for you - the phone or the service plan? It is always better to choose the cell phone plan first before choosing the phone. In fact these days most of the cell phone plans come with free cell phone models. In such cases, you are in a better position to select your cell phone plan first. One thing you should know is that equipment itself is merely a one-time investment, while a cell phone plan costs you a lot of extra money each month. Hence, it will be sensible on your part to take your time on the process of deciding which cell phone plan to take.

What features do you really need on your cell phone? Some people use their cell phone as a mini portable computer. Other people merely want a portable phone that they can use for communications and for emergencies. Many people will decide to get the most features they can for the least amount of money. Any of these choices is just fine as long as you, the customer, are satisfied with the features you've chosen. Lots of people want as many free minutes as possible. And since text messaging is the newest and most popular way to communicate these days, free text messaging is and extremely important feature to many people. It may be worth it to pay a bit extra for free text messaging.

A cell phone service plan is also an important choice to make when choosing a cell phone. A cell phone service plan includes the features you can have on your cell phone. It also should include a manufacturer's warranty. No matter how careful you are with your cell phone, accidents do happen. Check out the manufacturer's warranty to see what aspects of your phone is covered and what aspects are not. If your cell phone needs repair, will the manufacturer repair it? If your cell phone is damaged in some way, will your cell phone manufacturer fix it for you? Read the manufacturer's warranty to find out these answers. It may be worth the investment to pay a bit more for a better cell phone and manufacturer's warranty. This warranty may pay for itself in the long run.

Choosing a cell phone should not be an impulse buy. You should take your time and do your research. Spending another five or ten dollars for a cell phone plan might be worth the money in the long run. That great bargain cell phone might be just that - a great bargain. If the bargain cell phone has all the features you are looking for, go for it. The only way you'll find the cell phone that is just right for you is to decide which features you would like to have. Research your options, choose your cell phone, and enjoy using the great phone you've selected.