Is the Craze for Cell Phones Dying Out?

There are those who might wonder if the craze for cell phones is dying out. Well there may be low end, simpler mobile phones that are becoming obsolete, but the craze is flourishing. People who have held out for years are finally doing it. They are getting a cell phone!

The Beginning To The End...

It all started out with those silly little pagers. Service people, doctors, and drug peddlers used them. And then the teenagers got hold of them. They became a craze. Those little devices are rarely sold now, but they haven’t really stopped being used. Instead they were incorporated into the cell phone, with which you could not only page someone, but talk to them at the same time, ending the need to go find a telephone to return the call.

This has evolved into the cell phone, which is evolving into the palm top which has evolved further into the Smartphone, into what has become a cult …an ever-expanding craze. You can get cell phones in every designer colour and shape, with every imaginable feature, and even some you never imagined possible.

You cannot drive your car, stand in line at the bank, go to the grocery store, sit at a poker table, take public transportation, sit in a waiting room, or even try on clothes in a department store without either hearing or seeing a cell phone in use.

Irritating Sound

What used to be a gentle buzz or ring can now be anything from Sonata, to the salsa, to a whistle, to a hissing snake or a roaring lion, to an insistent voice repeating “your phone is ringing; your phone is ringing…” It wouldn’t be so bad if they rang one at a time, but try making sense of it when twenty of they go off in the supermarket at one time! And, if that isn’t enough, cell phones also allow you to set a different ring tone for every person in your address book. You can decide who it is and whether or not to answer it without even looking to see who is calling!

True, pagers and even pay phones are pretty much a thing of the past. I fear that landlines may go the same way. But cell phones? Never! When you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, what do you fall back on? Your cell phone. When you are late and you are lost what do you do? Call someone for directions or use your GPS if you have it. And while you’re at it, you can call the people you are meeting to let them know you are late. A while back, it was hard to tell someone waiting on a corner for you that you’re running twenty minutes late (unless you kept homing pigeons in your car). Well, never fear, now they have cell phones too.

Email has suffered a bit, too. Text messaging can be done on the run, and who wants to be stuck in from of their computer? Nope, the craze is not dying down. Instead, we grown-ups have to adapt to the new ways. Even colleges have given up on contacting students through email, and have succumbed to sites like MySpace and Facebook to pass information on.

Teenagers couldn’t shop for a prom dress without their camera phones. They have to take photos of them, send them to their friends, get a consensus of opinions, and finally, make a decision…all in one visit to the dress shop.

Decline In Sales

CD sales are probably down because of cell phones. You can download and listen to all kinds of music on your MP3 player, while you work out, drive, study, or sit in the dentist chair. Or surf the web, watch a video, etc. wearing earphones at the family picnic, and you will disturb no one.

The cell phone may have started out as a novelty. It then went from being a luxury of choice to a tool of necessity. This is not some half-baked craze that will die out eventually. It has become as necessary as breathing untainted air is for sustaining life. It is needed for convenience, business, safety, security, and entertainment.

Nobody is going to willingly go back to searching for a phone book and a pay phone when all they have to do is reach into their pocket to make that emergency call. Who is going to carry a camera around with them when they can snap a picture, listen to music and chat on the phone at the same time with the same small, lightweight device?

Technology will continue to keep up with, and eventually surpass the present day demands, and something new, better, more unbelievable, will be invented, but it will still be basically a cell phone/computer/camera device. Young people, who are obsessed with their cell phones, will always be looking for new bling, custom cases, and different face plates. There will be new innovations and yet more features, but the craze for cell phones will go on indefinitely!