The Disadvantages of a Camera Cell Phone

Over the last few years the combining of digital cameras and cell phones into one single handset has dramatically increased. Now, you can shoot good digital pictures via a range of camera phones and email them directly to friends and family. However, this technology in cell phone cameras may make them a security issue in the near future. The list of disadvantages regarding carrying a camera cell phone is growing internationally.

Camera phones

Camera phones are fun and they are so convenient. When you’re on vacation you can take pictures and send them home like instant postcards. In business they are wonderful - realtors and insurance adjusters swear by them. Most people just want to be able to take instant pictures and transmit them. Moms want to catch the baby’s first step and send it to Dad at work. Teenage kids want to send pictures of the dress they just bought or the girl they just met to all their friends.

Unfortunately, along with technology sometimes comes bad behaviour. Cellular phones with cameras built inside are becoming more popular, and problems are cropping up because of them. For example, cameras are not allowed at concerts and plays. Cell phones are. How does security stop camera phone users from taking photos?

There are some disadvantages that might not even occur to you…until it is too late. Before you run out and buy one, you’d better check with your boss. Many companies are concerned about security, and don’t want employees to be able to photograph and send sensitive information about their business.

Saudi Arabia has banned the camera phone throughout the country. The United Kingdom and Japan banned camera phones in public areas like locker rooms and swimming pools when they learned that paedophiles were using the phones for the purpose of child pornography. In some parts of the United States they are trying to pass legislation to ban these phones in restrooms and locker rooms.

Camera Cell Phones

Schools are becoming concerned that these camera cell phones are being used to cheat on exams. Text messaging is also a problem; so many schools are forbidding carrying them on campus. Some kids are horrified to find themselves pictured on the internet.

The disadvantages continue to grow as the phones become less costly to purchase, and more people are buying them. Recently some federal buildings, health club locker rooms, corporate offices, and Hollywood movie screenings have banned camera phones.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction to a small problem. More and more nefarious activities are taking place because of the ease of using a cell phone camera. In New Mexico, at the University Hospital, two employees took pictures of patients and then posted them on the internet. That is a serious invasion of privacy. Innocent lives can be ruined as a result of guys coaxing their girlfriends to pose in intimate poses, which they then share with others or release on the internet.

But something much worse is going on. There is evidence that credit cards have been photographed in restaurants and retail stores, and then used for identity theft. It is not the only information that has been stolen in this manner, but it is by far the worst. Photos from Paris fashion shows were put on the web, to scoop the competition.

The only reason this hasn’t become more rampant is that most of the phones on the market today do not take perfect pictures, since video phone pictures are not high resolution. Still, what they are lacking in clarity they more than make up for in distance. They can get a photo from a great distance.

Keep in mind, that the high end phones have better cameras, better resolution, and a better possibility of getting that picture and using it. Be careful when using credit cards. Do not flash them, and it is probably wiser to pass them from hand to hand face down. And if you write a check for payment in a public place, do not leave the face of the check exposed. The routing number and account number on the bottom of the check is more easily photographed than a credit card. Once the perpetrator has that photo, he can auto withdraw money from your checking account both by phone and on the internet.

Las Vegas, known always as a place where you could protect your anonymity, has lost its battle to keep cameras out of the casinos. Millions of people go through those casinos every year, taking photographs of machines, poker rooms, shows, and people at their own discretion…or lack thereof, while supposedly chatting on their cell phones.

There are disadvantages to most good things, and there are wonderful benefits to a video cell phone. But voyeurism, black mail, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyrights, etc. are enough to make any honest and concerned person think twice before buying a camera phone. While your intentions can be completely honourable, as more of these negative things continue to happen, you may find your own intentions being questioned by suspicious people around you!