Buying Mobile Phone

Buying a mobile phone may seem like a large task. There are many cell phone carriers available. Each carrier has many different phones with many cell phone plans. Since many cell phones are available on the Internet, start looking for a phone here first. There are even web sites that will help you comparison shop. When you are at a site that offers comparisons, you will need to be able to identify the features you would like on your phone. Some of the features you may want for your phone are color display, speakerphone, cameraphone, bluetooth enabled, removable memory card, photo caller id, ringtones, mp3, video recorder, and voice activated dialing.

Nokia 6300 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Color displays allow your cell phone to function more like a computer. Color displays use up a battery more quickly than does a black and white display. However, color displays allow for better web viewing and surfing, as well as allow your phone pictures to be viewed in color. The best reason to have speakerphone is to allow you to talk on your cell phone without using your hands. This feature is especially important when driving. Bluetooth enabled allows computers to have completely wireless capabilities. Removable memory cards allow the phone user to adjust the amount of memory their phone uses. Photo caller ids allow you to see a picture of the person calling you for identification purposes. MP3 players allow you to download music from your computer to your cell phone. You may then listen to the music through a headset connected to your cell phone. Video recorders can record video and send via the phone screen or email. And voice activated dialing is quite high-tech. This feature allows you to speak a person's name, and the phone will dial their number. This function is great when you need to use your hands for something important, like driving.

Next, you will want to choose the style of your cell phone. There are candy bar styles, flip styles, cell phones that have sliding key covers, PC cards, and cell phones that swivel. Candy bar phones have an open face, which makes dialing easy. Flip style cell phones have a type of lid that covers the keyboard. This lid protects the keyboard and prevents the keys from being pushed accidentally. Sliding key covers have a cover that slides over the phone without having to close the phone. A PC card allows you to connect your cell phone to your computer. This feature allows you to work with your cell phone and computer nearly anywhere, and works at Broadband speeds. A keyboard on your cell phone allows the phone to type in words. This feature is wonderful for text messaging.

Because there are so many choices available in the market, choosing the best mobile phone becomes more and more difficult. Saying it differently, buying mobile phones is one of the easiest yet hardest things to do. These days you can them in any place from Radio Shack, gas stations, specialty cellular phone stores and the like. On the other hand, you can subscribe to plans that give out free mobile phone simply for joining. This way money is saved on the service and the mobile. The only problem is that for many people, cell phone plans are not suitable.

For one thing, there is the contract. You might want to get a plan now and avoid having to buy a mobile phone, but after several months when your phone gets outdated you will surely want to have a new one. Even different problems can happen with your cell phone between now and then. For one thing, you can find that service is patchy. It might be quite strong in your area, but what if you move or have to spend a whole lot of time in a part of town without a cell phone tower nearby? You might be in for a year or more of only being able to use your cell phone every once in a while all because you were too cheap to buy a mobile phone.

Moving to different city, especially in remote areas can present an interesting challenge for changing your mobile phone plan. In this case, you may need to go to local area cell companies for best cell plans and you will have to buy a mobile phone all over again and switch plans. In some instance buying a mobile phone for one plan will not work if you switch to a different cell phone service provider. This situation is less than ideal because you will be left with a functioning mobile phone and you can do nothing with it.