The Bluetooth Revolution

By: Sue Webster

Bluetooth is now a common concept when it comes to forms of wireless communication and the transferring of data and vocal transmissions. Most people will recognise the term 'Bluetooth' from their cell phones but it has developed through updates to be much more than a cell phone accessory.

Cell phones were the first application to make use of Bluetooth technology, allowing the creation of hands-free headset that didn't require a wire to connect the phone to the headset. Now most Bluetooth compatible cell phones will come with a free discrete headset that fits snugly into one ear. As you walk around the town, you will probably observe lots of people seemingly talking to themselves, hopefully they aren't, they probably just have a headset in the ear that you can't see. This is where most people still use Bluetooth, and Bluetooth car kits are still some of the biggest sellers. Many countries have now banned on the use of cell phones when driving, and so these kits allow drivers to have both hands on the wheel and still keep in touch with people. There are hi-tech versions of the kits that can be wired into the car's electric circuits, or there are the more low-tech kits that simply plug into the cigarette lighter.

Bluetooth has evolved beyond the cell phone, and now is commonly used in many offices. Wireless networking can be created between computers, and laptops or PDAs can use Bluetooth for dial-up internet use, as long as there is a compatible cell phone to hand. These internet adapters can plug into the USB port for most laptops and computers, although newer computers may have Bluetooth already built into them. Being a wireless protocol, Bluetooth has seen the uptake in other elements of the office as well.

Bluetooth keyboards and mouse are now common features for those wishing to do without wires. Although Bluetooth may only have a limited range, normally of about 30 feet, it is perfect for the office environment. Major manufacturers like Microsoft and HP have started to manufacture Bluetooth system accessories, for professional and personal use. Specifically designed to make computer wires a trend of the past, all that is required is a USB port, an adapter and the necessary keyboard and mouse. These Bluetooth keyboards and mouse though are not just for personal computers, and can be used with PDAs as well.

There is also an increasingly wide range of printers available with Bluetooth compatibility. Bluetooth printers have been around for a while, and come from all of the major printer manufacturers. This used to mean small printers used by travelling salespeople in conjunction with their laptops. They were however, only really useful when it came to the transferring of small amounts of data. Bluetooth has got better technically and now home and office computers from Epson, Canon, Brother and many others can receive data via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is still spreading its wings through wherever there are conventional wires. The Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii, both utilise Bluetooth for their controllers. In addition to doing away with wires, that always used to get tangled up and a hazard for those walking by, new consoles can also be hooked up to more controllers. The Playstation 3 can even have seven Bluetooth controllers connected to the machine.

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