What are the Best Cell Phones Around?

There are more types of cell phones on the market every day, with new innovations, and new gimmicks. The following cell phones are considered to be the top of the line, and I will show you the good and the bad of each of them:

  • The Apple iPhone 3G actually combines a media player and cell phone into one unit. It is a solid device that has a user-friendly design that is sleek and comfortable to hold. The 3G offers some new features such as third party applications, expanded email and support for high-speed 3G networks. The call quality is good, but the music and video are even better. However, the iPhone 3G is missing some rather basic features and the battery life can be short when usage is heavy.
  • The HTC Touch Diamond Smartphone for Sprint has more to offer than just flashy good looks. While it does have an impressive compact design, and TouchFlo interface, it is also stocked with multimedia features, productivity tools and wireless options. However, this phone doesn’t offer an expansion slot and has a somewhat cramped virtual keyboard. Sprint customers who use their Smartphone for both work and play will do well with this model. It is very well suited for first-time buyers and light users.
  • Verizon’s LG Dare is very appropriately named. It has an extremely advanced camera and includes a few features that make its touch-screen phone a winner! It also has a full HTML browser, an advanced 3.2 megapixel camera and a lot of other powerful features. You can make your own shortcuts on the home screen by dragging and dropping icons, and there is a drawing pad for sketching. With their SmartPic technology, you can even take pictures in low light. There is a built-in camcorder that will record at high-speed and play back in slow motion.
  • The RIM Blackberry Bold is wonderful. It has a bright and easy to read display, terrific multimedia performance, and enhanced productivity tools. It is easily one of the best in these two areas. It also has other advantages, including Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and excellent email with a full keyboard. There is a downside, however. It is expensive and kind of bulky, and the web browser isn’t as easy to navigate as in some of the others. This is a smartphone for professionals.
  • The Sony Ericsson W7601i has a slick design, and lots of features, like a motion sensor, an accelerometer, and support for three bands. AT&T carries this super world phone. It is music friendly, offers broad world phone support, and very reliable performance. It doesn’t have a camera flash, the navigation is a bit crowded, and some of its menus are slower than others, but it is the best Walkman phone around.
  • One of the most popular Smartphones on the market is the Motorola Q. The Q runs Microsoft Windows Mobile, and is capable of voice, messaging and entertainment. You can use it for web browsing, office applications, full-featured email, and calendar functions. Because it has a full QWERTY keyboard it can even be used for documents on Word or Excel.
  • If you are looking for a simpler phone, have small kids, are a bit clumsy, and just want to receive and make phone calls, try the Motorola i355. This phone is great because it is inexpensive and durable, and can handle weather changes, falls and spills.
  • A little smaller than the Motorola i355, and a bit more delicate, is the LG VX3400. Because it is a flip phone, it doesn’t make those accidental calls while it’s in your pocket or your purse.

These last two phones are good basic cell phones, geared toward people who are technically challenged or just don’t want all the frills.

One step up from there would be a cell phone with a built in camera. These are particularly great for teens and for mothers, who want to catch those special moments and share them with their family and friends. The Sanyo 9400 or the Nokia 6133 are both lightweight flip phones that have text messaging and a good digital camera.

The kids want their cell phones too. And there are pros and cons about them having them around all the time. It is great that you can reach each other in an emergency, and that you can easily find them wherever they are. But there have to be set limits, or you’ll go broke, and for younger children the phone has to be less complicated to use. There are good cell phones that are specifically designed to be used by children.

  • The Firefly was the first cell phone designed with only five buttons, making it very easy to use. Mom and Dad can program twenty phone numbers, and are able to screen all incoming calls. The Firefly is recommended for kids from five to twelve years old.
  • Leapfrog manufactures a phone called the Tic Talk Mobile phone, which does everything the Firefly does, but also includes popular educational games. Your child earns free minutes whenever he plays. Pictures can also be downloaded to this phone. Usage is prepaid, so you don’t have to fear unsuspected high bills.

To teenagers the phone must be fashionable and have text messaging. To their peers, this is a form of communicating, but also a status symbol. Of course, they also want music, camera, video, and any other new and trendy feature that comes up. Two of the best are the Motorola RAZR and the T-Mobile Sidekick 3. The RAZR is about the size of a credit card.

When you open the Sidekick (it opens sideways) the screen can be flipped around to look like a tiny laptop that fits in the flat of your hand. It has a full keyboard, music and games, as well as text messaging and phone calling. This is another time when prepaid minutes would be the wisest option.