WARNING! “Mess up this process and you could end up paying an arm and a leg for features you will never need…? Do You Know the 3 Big Boxes You MUST TICK BEFORE You Get ‘GROUNDED’ by a 12 or 24 Month Mobile Phone Contract…?

…Once you’re in there is no way out!

You could end up with a wrong payment plan or phone and be forced to pay every cent!
If a mobile phone plan appears too good to be true, then it probably is. Hence as a consumer you need to know what to look for before shopping for a mobile phone.

An easy way to choose a deal that’s right for you!

When you are shopping for a mobile phone, here are the three most important factors for you to consider:

  • Carrier coverage,
  • Equipment, and of course, the…
  • Cell phone plan.
Some packages include certain features, depending on the service level in the contract. They are then locked into a contract for a year or more, and you must pay the monthly fee whether or not you use the minutes or features. It’s only a few dollars each month but you could end up paying through your nose before the contract is over.

Carrier coverage is the #1 FACTOR amongst the three…

Imagine purchasing the latest and expensive cell phone available in the market and the best available cell phone plan, but then later you find out that your carrier does not provide coverage in your area. There can be nothing more ironical than this. But you’ll be made to pay each and every month for the life of the contract.

Should you terminate your contract before it’s over, you’ll boot a hefty CANCELLATION PENALTY!

You need to check if the carrier covers your area and once you confirm it, you can base all your later decisions on that one fact. One more thing that you need to remember about coverage is that at times it can be subjective.

To be safe, you need to make a list of all the places you are likely to move around - your home, office, your kid's school, the playground, favourite vacation spots, etc. If you are travelling a lot and frequently you should find out if your carrier provides coverage for those areas as well.

Once you are sure about the coverage you are left with two more factors to consider when shopping for a mobile phone plan.

The reason why many buyers get burned…

What’s more important - the phone or the service plan?

It is always better to choose the mobile phone plan first before choosing the phone. In fact these days most of the cell phone plans come with free mobile phone models. In such cases you're in a better position to select your mobile phone plan first.

One thing you should know is that equipment itself is merely a one-time investment while the mobile phone plan is a regular cost you cope each month. Hence, it will be sensible on your part not to mince on the process of deciding which cell phone plan to take.

Most carriers offer a full range of free phones for each service or cell phone plan they have. Thus, with your selected mobile phone plan, you are free to pick a phone of your choice depending upon your budget and preference for the latest features. Once the first two factors are in place, the last step becomes a piece of cake.

Remember to compare all the prices and carefully read the fine print!

Make sure you know all your options before you sign the contract, since once you’re ‘locked in’ – there is no way out! The articles and links on this page will give you more information – why not check some of them out right now!